Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Filed under: Apparently he DOES listen to me

Scene: In the car, on the way to pre-school. Some radio show is playing, but I am not paying attention.

From the back seat, Isaac says: "That's STUPID. I can say STUPID. STUPID!"

Realizing that the radio show announcers are cracking jokes that are not appropriate for kids, I quickly change the channel, then turn around in my seat.

"That's not a nice word, sweetie. We don't say that, okay?"

Isaac: "I don't say, stupid?"

Me: "Right."

Isaac: "Fucking stupid! I can say, fucking stupid!"

Me: "Isaac! No! We do not say those words!"

Isaac: "But Mommies and Daddies say those words. Just not kids?"

Me: "Um. No. Nobody says those words, okay? Not even Mommies and Daddies."

Isaac: "I don't say fucking stupid. Only Mommies say fucking stupid. But not kids. That's not a nice word. Fucking stupid!"

Me: "Isaac!"

Vivi: "Fu-een soodi!"

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