Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Incoherent Mind

A few things I am thinking about lately:

We are incredibly fortunate and spoiled, and as such, we are going to Hawaii on Saturday with my extended family, on my parents dime. Last summer my husband's parents took us to Hawaii. (Thing One and Thing Two did not join us, praise Allah.) This means my children have been to Hawaii twice before they turned 3 and 2. I have only been to Hawaii three times in my 35 years. Still, that is 3 times more than many. I am so blessed.

Is there some price to pay for being so fortunate? What will it be? How can I protect myself??

My best friend in the entire world, who has fertility issues, got a positive pregnancy test this morning. Hallelujah!!!! Everyone pray with me: happy healthy nine months!

I have not begun to pack for Hawaii.

Just now, Isaac came running in from the playroom screaming, "I love you Mommy! Can you carry me for few minutes, cause I love you." How can he be so impossibly cute? What did I do to deserve him? I'll tell you what--nothing! This is why there will be some price to pay, I just know it.

Speaking of Isaac, we gave him a haircut this weekend. You might think this is no big deal, but you would be wrong. A haircut, in Isaac's mind, is akin to Chinese water torture. (If he knows what that is, which I doubt, since I don't know what it is. Does it exist, or is it just something people say?) So the haircut was not an enjoyable experience for anyone. But we got it done, and it's VERY short. He looks very different, and cute, in a conservative 1950s-ish way. I'll post a picture if I ever get around to taking one.

Speaking of conservative, I don't consider myself to be that dirty dirty word. However, it seems that I am, when it comes to dressing Vivian. I'm not sure what to make of this development. I refuse to put her in a bikini. Or buy any of those t-shirts that say things like "Spoiled Brat" or "Princess". I don't want her to have bangs. Don't worry, I don't put her in dresses and bows or anything (more often she's in Isaac's hand-me downs, and people think she's a boy), but still I'm surprised at this ladies luncheon sensibility of mine that is showing up in regard to her clothes. What the hell?

I have finally solved the problem of the children's room (remember the wallpaper incident?) by recruiting an artistic friend of mine to do a border with stencils while we are in Hawaii. (She is house-sitting.) I'm really glad to have this done, but I can't help feeling guilty: it has been months since the problem presented itself. Actually, we meant to replace the border with something more unisex as soon as we found out Vivian was a girl, 13-1/2 months ago. Bad Mother! Bad Mother!

I miss Cleo. I don't miss the cat hair all over the house or the 6am wake-up call.

This morning, Isaac peed thru his overnight diaper and woke up at 5am. It is going to be a long morning.

We had such a great weekend last weekend--the weather was gorgeous and we spent so much time at the beach. Unfortunately I did not bring the camera.

Lance has purchased a new camera. (Did I say we put that inheritance in a fund for the kids' college? Ha!) He bought it off the internet, and it is very cool. Just a point and shoot digital, a Sony, but it doesn't have the delay that our Nikon has. However, for some reason they sent us the European model, with a French warranty and instructions and the European charger. It is funny, and frustrating, to maneuver through the menu and try to figure out what the foreign words mean.

And that's all, folks.

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