Friday, March 25, 2005

Behold the Carnage

Yesterday at nap time my two lovelies were giggling and playing in their cribs and I decided to let them. They were both tired, and I figured they would get bored of the throwing-things-from-one crib-to-the-other game eventually. I turned off the moniter and lay down on the couch for TiVo. Every now and then I'd turn up the moniter to see what was happening--always giggles and laughter. It was kind of cute, actually. Made me smile.

But when it had been almost 2 hours I decided I had to put an end to it. So opened their door. And this is what I saw:

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Yes, Isaac had ripped the border off the wall and strewn it all over the room. I'm afraid the picture doesn't even do it justice. Hence, the hysterical giggles. They were still giggling when I walked in, and quite proud of themselves.

Now we have to do something to make the room a little more unisex. Vivian is practically one, after all, and we were supposed to do that months ago.


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