Monday, September 19, 2005

Quick update

Vivian took her first steps yesterday! Sadly, they were captured by neither camera or video. Even more embarrassing--the person who encouraged her to take these steps? Not me. Not her father, her grandmother, aunt, uncle or relation of any sort. Rather, the groundskeeper, Candido, at the little beach club* that we belong to. Glad someone is taking responsibility for her continued growth and maturity!

Here's a photo taken several minutes after the aforementioned steps. She has--of course--refused to take any more since then.

*I feel compelled** to explain that this is not one of those snotty beach clubs that the rich folk belong to. This beach club only has about 30 members, and is merely a house on the beach, with parking, a kitchen and locker-room. It's awesome, and very inexpensive, but difficult to get into since it's so small. Fortunately, nepotism is big there, and Lance's grandparents were members for years.

** this compulsion to distance myself from rich snotty people is something I should probably talk to a therapist about, especially considering that my parents are pretty well-off, as are Lance's. Not snotty, though, I hope.

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