Friday, June 24, 2005


A very good friend of mine has finally started her own blog. She is a wonderful writer, and funny, and--did I mention?--a good friend of mine, so go check her out. You may have noticed the pearls of wisdom and support she leaves in the comment section from time to time.

I met Heather almost 17* years ago, in the lobby of Hinton James, our enormous (home to 1000) freshman dorm. I was scared to death. She was nervous too, though she won't admit it, but once she took me under her wing, we did fine. We bonded over a shared love of The Princess Bride, clove cigarettes, and Domino's Pizza. (You can charge it to your meal card!) Not to mention that we were each convinced that our long-distance romances with our high school boyfriends would survive the trials of a first year apart (neither did).

*Heather, I had to do the math with a calculater, I was so sure I added wrong. How can we be this old?

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