Sunday, May 21, 2006


You may not know this about me, but I can be slightly, well, ditzy. And yes, I am blonde (naturally, even!). Apologies to all the intellectual blondes out there, I really don't mean to give us all a bad name.

Thing is, I often forget what day of the week it is, or that Memorial Day is next weekend, as opposed to a few weeks from now. I forget when I tell Heidi to come over for dinner, so she arrives to an empty house, since I've taken the kids out for tacos. I go to the grocery store because we are completely out of trash bags and come home with $40 of groceries, but no bags. I respond to birthday party invitations, put the invitation on the refrigerator, write the date in the calendar, and still forget to attend. I've been known to start the washing machine and then forget to put the clothes in.

One of the more annoying manifestations of this trait occurs, almost daily*, in the shower. I'll be standing there, the warm water running down my body, when I'll notice the bottles of product on the shelf. "Hmm", I'll think, "did I wash my hair already?" Then follows a minutes long conversation in my head, debating whether I washed my hair, or just my face. Or did I mistakenly use the face scrub on my hair? Because I can remember opening that particular bottle, but I don't remember washing my face. Maybe I should just wash my hair again--but my hair is so dry already, if I wash it twice, it will look worse than usual. Then again, if I don't wash it again, it may very well turn out that I didn't wash it at all, and then this whole shower will be wasted. I'll be walking around with the same greasy hair that prompted me to get in in the first place.

It's about this point that my mind generally wanders to something else--whether having my kids so close together makes me as trashy as Britney Spears, for example. A few minutes later, the product bottles will catch my eye again, and I have to start the conversation in my head one more time.

I'm quite sure if I was a brunette, this wouldn't keep happening to me. Think I should dye my hair?

*It would definitely occur daily, if I took a shower daily.

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