Friday, May 19, 2006


Whoa, I just spent some time typing a post, entitled "Fair", and you are very relieved that I re-read it before I hit publish. Talk about depressing!

I'm blaming the weather, as it has been ATROCIOUS here in SoCal lately. I'm talking one hour of sunshine a day for the last 30 days and temperatures in the high sixties. YUCK. If I'm going to live in a place where the property values are this inflated, I should at least get the benefit of sunny beautiful weather, for pete's sake.

Also depressing: Lance is out of town, on his annual father-son fishing trip. He left yesterday morning, and I haven't killed the children yet, so that's something.

(Does it seem like he's always going out of town? No? Huh.)

I'm gaining weight. Maybe my dryer is just really working hard lately, shrinking up all my clothes. Or is it because I went off the pill? I thought I was supposed to LOSE weight when I got off those hormones. On the other hand, I finally have my sex drive back, so I guess I shouldn't complain. (Though, I'm not sure about that trade off--skinny versus sex.)

I make no apologies for the fucked-up-ness of this post (or was that an apology already?). I'm alone with the kids, people, take what you can get.

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