Friday, July 07, 2006

Conversations about God

Scene: in the car.

Isaac: Are the puppets in the sky, Mom?

Me: What? Did you see something in the sky?

Isaac: See the puppeteers in the sky?

Me: What did you see, sweetie? Was it a kite?

Isaac: Is Papa T in the sky?

Me (getting it, finally): Oh! Yes, um, Papa T and Geedaddy* are both in heaven, honey. So, uh, yeah, they are in the sky looking down at us.

Vivian: They in the sky?

Me: Well, uh, yes, Vivian. They, um, died, but they are in heaven and they are looking down at us and loving us.

Isaac: They are looking at us from the sky? Are they far far away in the sky?

Me: Well, yes. Yes, they are far away. But you can always feel their presence. (Warming up to it) When someone loves you as much as Geedaddy and Papa T did, you can always feel them watching out for you, even after they die.

Vivian: You can feel der presents?

Me: Yes, you can feel how much they love you and know they will make sure you are taken care of.

Isaac: And you can open them up, too.

Me: Open them? Um . . .

Isaac: You can open up the presents in the sky. And see what they got you.

*Papa T is what Lance called his grandfather, who died a little over two years ago. Geedaddy is my grandfather, who also died two years ago.

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