Sunday, July 16, 2006

It's so easy, so easy

The next time I am whining about how terrible my life is and woe is me, I can't get my haircut when I want to, wah wah wah--do me a favor and tell me to shut the hell up, k?

Otherwise, I might find myself in a familiar surgeon's exam room, listening to him say things like "well, yes, I think it's better if we go in and try to fix this" and "no, it's not urgent, but I'd like to do it before too long, because it's so easy* to do at this age and by the time he's four or five he'll really be resisting it".

And then I might have to beat myself about the head with the proverbial baseball bat. Your life is so hard, bitch? Take this! And this! Better the baseball bat than another fucking surgery, you see.

Anyway, enough whining from me. A new post about truth in blogging coming up, where you will see quite clearly how much of that last post was pure fucking lameness on my part. Perhaps then the surgery gods will allow this next surgery (October or November, probably) to be the last one for awhile.

*Yes, he actually said "so easy".

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