Thursday, January 05, 2006


I am here, in Delaware, on my Dad's home computer, DYING--dying, I tell you!--to regale you all with tales of the last 10 days of my life, but I am afraid. My dad is very non-computer savvy, so I don't think he would be able to check the google drop down bar to see where I've been, but I can't be quite sure.

I just can't stand having that hideous post about Brad up at the top for one minute longer, so it's worth the risk.

The worst sadness of all is that I can't check in with all of you. What the hell am I supposed to do during nap-time? There's not even any CSI episodes TiVo'd for me to watch!

Please, stop doing or writing anything funny or interesting until I can get to a friend's house to read you. I mean it!

I may post a few pictures of our trip so far, if I am brave enough to stay on this page for much longer. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!

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