Friday, July 15, 2005

Diagnosis: Odd

Yes, my rash is yet another of my strange skin affectations, this one a "virus" that occurs very rarely in children, and almost never in adults. "But don't worry", my doctor says, "it's not contagious, and although I can't give you anything to make it go away, here, try some cortizone if it gets really itchy and it will clear up nicely on its own in about 12 weeks and won't leave any scars so, really, it's no big deal. What? Yes, you should be rash free in about 12 weeks. Thank you, have a great summer! Don't forget your co-pay!"

12 weeks, people. So by Halloween, which is the only time of year I can imagine strange blotches on one's face to be semi-acceptable (Elephant Man costume, anyone?) , I should be all cleared up. Hooray.

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