Wednesday, July 13, 2005

This right here is the sort of thing I'm "supposed" to be sharing.

Isaac is an early riser. Generally speaking, 6:30 am is sleeping in for him. There is the rare occasion when he sleeps past 7, but, that is a rare occasion. In the summer, when the sun is also an early riser, this becomes even more of a problem. His room faces east (where the sun rises, dummy) and no matter the blackout shades I have hanging from his windows, the second a smidgen of light sneaks through the crack between shade and window frame, his eyes pop open.

At which point he wanders into our room and climbs in bed with us, digging elbows into our stomachs, poking our eyes, bouncing up and down, or bombarding us with questions and demands. "Mom, can I have some milk, please? I want some milk! Where is Vivi? I need to check on Vivi. Can I have some milk? Isaac wants to have some milk!" and so on.

I have tried to get him to settle back down with us. The family bed! How sweet! Oh, no no no. He hates covers, he hates being snuggled. ("Don't hold me down, Mommy!") He is awake, and we shall be too.

However, this morning, for some reason, he slept until 6:45. (It was overcast, so I know that lack of sunlight helped). Then, at 6:45, he wandered into our room, but he didn't say anything. He climbed into the bed, but didn't say anything. Instead of poking me in the ribs or sitting on my head, he kissed me on the lips, and gave me "love pats" for 5 minutes. (I know they were love pats because he was whispering "love pat" as he was administering them.) He lay in between us, making weird shapes with his fingers, stroking my arm, and generally being sweet until about 7:45. Almost a full hour!

And the family bed was sweet! And cozy! And wonderful! Especially since there was no dirty diaper smell forcing us all out.

Do you think this is the start of a new phase? That all our mornings will be like this for ever and ever, amen?

Perhaps if I stop sharing intimate family secrets.

Hopefully yours,

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