Thursday, July 28, 2005

Livin' in LA (with my best old ex-friend, Ray . .')

Okay, so that song lyric has nothing to do with the following post. It just popped into my head when I typed "Livin' in LA".

The other night I made a date to go visit a friend in her new apartment. I fed the kids, and left Lance to do the bath-bed routine. It was 6:15pm.

I live on the "westside" of Los Angeles. My friend's new apartment is in the valley. This means that in order to get from my house to hers, you need to drive on the 405 freeway. I'm pretty sure (though I didn't look it up) that the 405 freeway, for all you non-LA dwellers, is the most traffic-y (how scientific!) highway in the country. The actual distance between our homes, according to MapQuest, is 18.83 miles. We had arranged to meet at her place around 7pm.

HA HA HA HA HA! 7pm? As in rush hour?

At 7:25 pm, over an hour after I left my house, I called her on my cell-phone.
"Hey, girl, what's up?"
"I'm on the on ramp to the 405."
"You're just getting onto the 101 now?"
"No. I'm not even on the 405 yet. I'm still on the ramp trying to get onto the 405. I've been sitting here for 45 minutes."
"Guess you're not seeing my apartment tonight."
"Nope. Maybe this weekend."

By the time I got on the freeway and then back off at the first exit, and back to my house, it was almost 8pm. Joy.

*** **** *** **** *** ****
The other morning after I dropped off Isaac at pre-school, I took Vivian to the grocery store. It was early--around 8:15am--so the store was fairly empty. A great time to go shopping. As I rounded the corner where the health foods are kept, a tall woman caught my eye. She had very short hair--like the way Trisha cut hers a little while back. I kept going (no reason for me to stop in the health food section, after all) but something made me turn my head to glance at her again. It was Jamie Lee Curtis.

Unfortunately that's the end to the story. The sad thing about meeting a celebrity is that you can't really approach them. I mean, she was just there to buy some organic soup. She didn't need me mooning all over her. But it would have made a better story if we had exchanged something--anything!-- more than glances.

She looks great, by the way. And she's really tall. Not like some celebrities who are so much smaller in person than they are on-screen.

Also, even though I live in LA, I rarely see celebrities. I'm pretty oblivious, unfortunately, so usually I only spot them when I have other, more aware, people with me.

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