Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Fairy Blog Mother

Brought to you by Three Kid Circus via Petroville: Thank Your Fairy Blog Mother Day.

My first Fairy is Psycho Kitty. Without her, I would still be (blissfully?) unaware that blogs even existed. She left her link on the Bringing Up Ben and Birdy sight, I followed it, and the rest is history. Well, okay, here's the history: I read her blog obsessively for ages, then followed her blogroll to read other blogs obsessively, then finally, tentatively, started my own. I kept reading her blog, never leaving a comment, until one day she somehow tracked me down and commented here. With her encouragement I became brave enough to leave comments on the blogs I visited and before I knew it, people were also coming here, and leaving me comments. And that is how I became a comment whore. Psycho Kitty's blog is deep and meaningful, global and silly, and most of all, beautifully written. A while back she wrote a post that included this phrase: "my dear, darling blog friends, you groovy angels of goodwill, scattered all about like hidden treasure." You see? Good stuff.

Next would be Amy B. She is the first person-- before Psycho Kitty, even-- to leave me a comment, and she continues to be supportive. I about had a stroke the first time I noticed her comment, since I had thought I was writing in a complete void. Fortunately for me she is kind, and generous, and didn't criticize. She is a young mother and I am truly amazed that someone her age can do all the things that I do, but with so much more patience and without the benefit of the wisdom (?) that comes with the grey hairs. She recently started her own blog, go check her out!

Finally, Trisha at Least of My Worries. If you haven't checked her out, do it now. Her blog is fresh and unique every day, and a complete inspiration to me. Her son Robbie is beyond adorable, and Trisha herself is nurturing and smart and sweet and kooky. Couldn't ask for a better combination. Once a commenter (Catherine) left this description of her blog, and it is so right on, I'm copying it here for you: "Your blog is like one of those perfect little shops you stumble on in a weird town, with a million lovely things, old and wonderful things, things like nothing else you've ever seen before. Treasures."

Thanks to all of you, I am here today. Blogging has been almost a godsend to me, and already I'm not sure what I did before this. It is an outlet, a challenge and a social venue for me--3 things a stay-at-home mom sorely needs.

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