Thursday, April 28, 2005

Houston, we have lift off

This morning, the children woke up around 6:15. They actually played together--giggling and bouncing around-- quite well for 1/2 hour or so. Eventually, though, they got bored and both started crying. When I went into their room, this is what I saw:

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Vivian had finally pulled up to standing! Of course, then she couldn't get down (hence, the crying). But still, this was an exciting day. She has been pulling up to her knees for weeks, but this was the first time she got all the way up to her feet. Is she not the most amazing baby you've ever seen?

(I am aware that many babies pull up much sooner than this. I'm sure your baby was walking at 10 months. Keep that to yourself, bi-atch. I remain completely impressed by my own daughter, and you can't stop me!)

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