Sunday, April 17, 2005

Where's Waldo?

Does this happen to you?

You are surfing though some blogs, and you get to a good one, and read a few posts, and the about section. Maybe you even comment. You think to yourself, I have to read more of this blog. But then your two year old starts screaming from his crib, or the doorbell rings, or the cat needs to be let out. So you leave the computer, get sidetracked, and by the time you return, someone has exited out of explorer, and you have no idea how to find that blog. You can't remember the name. You can't remember which blog led you to it. You can't even remember if it was today or yesterday or last week when you found it. You browse through your history, but since you spend so much time blogging, your history is enormous, and it would take you HOURS to find it.


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