Monday, April 11, 2005


Isaac is now officially a preschooler. He goes 3 mornings a week from 8 to noon. We started last week, and it went surprisingly well. He loves it. The first morning I stayed with him the whole time. The second morning I left after about 45 minutes, then came back 1.5 hours later. He didn't even bat an eye when I left. The 3rd morning, I left after 45 minutes and didn't come back until noon. Right before I left, he said, "Isaac want to go home?", but the teacher picked him up and told him they would be dancing soon and with that, he was fine. Today, I stayed for about 10 minutes, and he actually started crying when I told him I had to go. Not hysterical, just sort of pathetic tears. Again, the teacher picked him up, this time telling him they would go look at the turtle, and he stopped immediately. My little independent boy!

First day of preschool* Posted by Hello

I am really loving the free time. Look at me, I'm blogging! Without guilt! I've already paid the bills, started the laundry, and unloaded the dishwasher. Once Vivian wakes up from her nap, I may attack the grocery store. Which means after I go get Isaac, all I have to do is feed him and his sister lunch, put them down for naps, and I have two hours to myself. WITH NO CHORES. It's enough to make me giddy.

Okay, I will admit to a small sadness last week. It felt lonely to be home in the morning with no Isaac to narrate my every move. ("Mommy got to get dressed." Mommy do laundery." Mommy go outside?" Isaac go outside?" Isaac go outside?") But today, today there is none of that. Today I am just happy and enjoying myself.

A lot of that happiness comes from the knowledge that his preschool is a really great place. Just being there for so long last week and watching the teachers and kids in action really put my fears to rest. It is pretty small--about 8 kids to a class, with 3 classes--2&3 year olds, 3&4 year olds, 4&5 year olds. The kids all seem to have fun and the teachers of course have more patience than I can imagine. They get a hot "snack" at ten, which is a better breakfast than I sometimes manage. They color and paint, and learn about animals, and going to the doctor, and the seasons, and so on. Really it's a lot more stimulating than the errands Isaac is forced to go on when he's home. Not to mention that being around all those kids is good for him.

I have to admit something, though. There is a little girl in Isaac's class--I'll call her Nellie.** Nellie is a little 2 year old bitch. The first day, at snack time, when Isaac sat down, she said, "You can't sit there, only my friends can sit there." Then later in the day, they were all dancing with streamers, and she went right up to him and shook her streamers in his face. The next day, she poked him in the eye. At each infraction, the teachers interceded and told her it was inappropriate, etc. She gets in trouble a lot, and not just for picking on Isaac. She basically picks on anyone she can find. I loathe that little girl! A two year old! I can't believe how strongly I feel about her.

I have decided to be extra nice to her when I see her. I think I feel like if I treat her well in public, no one will notice all the hatred I harbor in my heart for her. Because, really, you can't hate a two year old. Poor little thing, she must be miserable to be acting out so much. I'm just glad I don't have to be around her too often.

I'm sure I will have more stories to report as preschool continues. For now, we are both relishing our independence from each other, and relishing even more, the moment when we reconnect!

*Actually not the first day. Just the first day I remembered to take a picture.

Also, you may note the backpack. This does not actually include books or anything like that. We live in California, so every child must have an "earthquake kit" which they bring to school on the first day*** and leave there until it is needed (hopefully never). This kit includes a change of warm clothes, extra diapers, a flashlight, a family photo, juice boxes, snacks, and a bicycle helmet. I didn't tell the teachers that there is no way in hell Isaac will ever put that helmet on. They can just figure it out when the school is collapsing on itself and they have 25 screaming kids running every which way.

**Yes, this is a Little House reference.

***No, I didn't bring it on the first day. But since there was no earthquake between his first day and day 4, when I finally managed to get it all together, all is good with the world.

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