Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How to set fire to my bleeding eyes.-- Edit

You all may remember how I spent the last 10 days uploading 4000 photos onto Flickr, and what "fun" I had doing it. This morning I received the following email from my mother-in-law.

I just spent from 9 to 2 a.m. downloading pictures from your Flickr web sight. You have a lot that I have never seen. Would it be a good idea to go through your Flicker file and delete some of the bad ones. Some are out of focus and some are very unflattering. I notice there is a way to delete photos. It would make it much easier to view them if the bad ones were gone. There are also a lot of duplicates. I like to go through mine and edit them before I put them on Flickr. You can get rid of red eye, crop and adjust the lighting and then just put the ones that are worth keeping on there. Going through every shot to find the good ones takes a lot of work and time.

Just a suggestion.

My first instinct at a response is short. You know, first word: "Fuck"; last word: "you". What do you think?

And remember my husband, and how charming he is being lately? Yesterday I cut my hair off--about 4 inches. When he came home and saw it, he said: "What happened to your hair?" I just looked at him. And that was it. Not one more mention of my new 'do all night. Even Heidi, who is not known for her tact (bless her heart), told me it looked nice.

I need a vacation.

Edit: I should add here that my mother in law is, generally, fairly decent as far as mother-in-laws go. She loves my kids as much as I do, helps out with babysitting whenever possible and is incredibly generous in other ways as well. This kind of email from her is not that surprising though--she is incredibly self-absorbed, and she lacks a filter from her brain to her mouth. So she can't understand that all those photos on Flickr aren't actually FOR her, or ABOUT her, and she doesn't get why she should try and be a little more polite to me about it.

But this on top of the weekend fiasco on top of her son being a complete idiot for the past week is really sticking in my craw.

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