Monday, November 07, 2005

My eyes are bleeding.

At least, they feel like it. (Please, no offense to anyone whose eyes are actually bleeding. Or who knows someone with such a condition. Truly, if your eyes are bleeding, the last thing you should be doing is reading my blog. Please accept my sincerest apologies know my thoughts are with you and your red, oozing eyes.)

I have just spent the last gazillion hours uploading three thousand photos onto flickr, for the purposes of archiving. Just adding all the tags and organizing them is difficult enough, but add into that the fact that our camera was somehow set to the wrong year. This means I had to go in and individually change the date on EVERY SINGLE PHOTOGRAPH. Actually, that is not exactly true, because it wasn't EVERY photo, just 85% of them. If it was every one, I could live with the year being off by one. However, when most of the photos read 2002, but a few of them read 2003, it kind of throws things off.


I just wanted you to share in my suffering.

So, thanks.

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great post thanks