Sunday, February 12, 2006

Beautiful Day

I know it's been snowy and cold on the Eastern Seaboard, so maybe you don't want to hear about our glorious California weekend. But, humor me for a minute: after all, snowstorms can be fun when you haven't had one in a while, so maybe you're enjoying that cold white stuff right about now. Besides, I'll be in Raleigh, North Carolina on Friday so I can get what's coming to me then.

So then.
It's been 85 degrees and sunny since 8:30 this morning. It feels like the middle of summer here-- although 85 degrees is actually slightly warmer than our average summer day. The kids and I took Lance to the airport, grabbed some lunch food at Bob's, and headed down to the beachclub for a morning of sun and sand. For the first time in ages, other members actually used the club (there are a total of about 30 families that belong, but more often than not, we are the only ones who use it), which added another layer of festivity to the morning. The kids got filthy and grimy and worn out, scarfed down the chicken nuggets, tater tots and raspberries I offered, then almost fell asleep in the car on the way home, exhausted and happy. Easiest nap-time go-down we've had in ages. And they're still sleeping, 2 hours later.

Had a nice evening with some friends last night, woke up to a gorgeous day, just got a call from Heidi that she had yet another fantastic date with Mr. Keeper So Far, and I haven't feel this good in a long time.

In fact, I've been a bit depressed of late--feeling unappreciated, burnt-out, un-satisfied. The fact that I forgot to take my birth control pill for several days meaning I had to double up on Wednesday and Thursday may have something to do with this. Ah, hormones, how you fuck with me! Unfortunately, Lance bore the brunt of my dark mood last week, but now that he has flown off to the East Coast, I feel happy.

Hmm. So very unfair to the wonderful man who keeps us in diapers around here. Frankly, sometimes I'm not sure why he puts up with me. I've been pretty resentful lately, since the whole 5 day bachelor party event, followed by this "oh it sucks so much that I have to go to a training for a whole week" thing. Yes, it's work and it can't be helped but still. You are staying in a hotel where someone else will make your bed and bring your food. Your interactions with other humans are not limited to asking "do you need to pee on the potty?" every 5 minutes. You only have to wash, dress, feed, and bathe yourself, not two of your colleagues as well. You see? Whine, whine, whine. My life is so terrible and YOU MADE IT SO.

Gag. Wasn't I in a good mood, before? Wait, here:
February 12th in Los Angeles

Isaac is accident-free in underwear and yet has still refused to poop on the potty. Every day, he saves the poop until the magic moment I put on his pull-up for naptime. I realize this means I am going to have to force the issue by keeping him in underwear for naps, but I fear the mess. And so I put it off. I have until September before the school insists, and really how would they know the difference? As long as they don't put him in a pull-up he should be fine. The only downside to this--and it is a doozy--that means I STILL HAVE TO CLEAN UP HIS SHIT.

On Friday I am going to fly to Raleigh to meet my husband and perhaps share with him the happy-go-lucky, easy-going, kind Amy I used to be instead of the resentful shrew he has grown to know. The kids are staying with my in-laws, and Lance and I are going to have an awesome weekend, staying with my brother, partying at the old bars in my college town, seeing some wonderful old friends--including one of my favorite bloggers!--and not changing one poopy diaper for 3 whole days.

Beautiful day, indeed.

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