Thursday, February 23, 2006

This post requires no title, seeing as how it's the most boring one to date

I know, I know, I need to blog. But when you've been putting off thinking about your son's birthday for several months, except to complain about it, then you're apt to find yourself without gifts, cake, or plan the day before. And that requires much of the running around. To buy the birthday cards, the wrapping paper, the paper plates and cups and napkins and hats, the cakemix and icing, plus the presents (this year: underwear, socks and a few little things from KBtoys. Grand total: $61.39).

I suppose I can't really complain that Party City did not carry any Bob the Builder crap, forcing me to purchase generic Happy Birthday crap instead, even though I'd already promised the Bob the Builder crap to the birthday boy, he of the "I don't WANT to watch insert name of any kid's show except Bob the Builder here" tantrums. After all, if I wasn't such a lazy ass, I might have looked for it sooner, and had the option of going elsewhere. Fortunately for all, I did find one Bob the Builder birthday candle on the clearance rack, and the birthday is saved.

Heidi and the in-laws are coming over for a birthday extravaganza tomorrow evening, complete with take-out Chinese food and beer. Just now Isaac helped me make cupcakes to bring to school tomorrow. Sunday we are going to Kidspace (Yay! An alternative to Chuck. E. Cheese!) with the neighbors. Pretty fucking good for a 3 year old birthday, if you ask me.

Then, well then I have next week to plan for Lance's birthday. Fortunately finding a babysitter and making a dinner reservation shouldn't take up too much of my time. Though I suppose I should go get him that wallet he keeps asking for. Or the cuff-links he wants. Really it would save a lot of time to just give him some money (taken from our joint account, of which he is the only supplier), since there is absolutely zero chance that he will approve of whatever I pick out. Hmm. Why is it that the thought counts, again?

Next week is also the week from hell with doctor's appointments, which should keep me in a really chipper (Ha! Chipper! That's my brother's name!) mood.

March 6th can't get here soon enough.

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