Monday, May 09, 2005


I am sitting in my bed, in pajamas, in the middle of the day. My sister is with me, and we are talking about the triplets (!) that I just gave birth to. Although I just gave birth to them, they are clearly about 1 year old, and all three of them look exactly like the (not very cute) little sister of one of Isaac's pre-school buddies.

Me: I just don't understand why he had to sign the birth certificates without me.
Ann: well, you were under anesthesia for so long, he had to.
Me: But why did he pick those names?
Ann: He had no choice. You were unconcious for days. I'm just glad you finally woke up. It's a good thing we could take you home while you were out, or we'd still be at the hospital.
Me: How can my children be named this? Carys?* Ophelia? Trevia?
Ann: Don't worry, just use nicknames. Carys can be Carrie, Ophelia is Leah, Trevia is Via.

*This name appearing in my dream was a clue: I read a blog the other day about a couple with triplets. I think they were European, and one of their triplets was named Carys--a name I have never heard before. I had forgotten about it until I woke up and remembered the dream, and the name.

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