Thursday, May 12, 2005

Leave me and my questionable parenting skills alone!

Yesterday morning I went out to the car with Isaac on our way to preschool. I planned to put him in, then go back to the house for Vivian and my purse. Unfortunately, the car was locked and I didn't have my keys with me.

"Hold on a sec!" I called to him, and turned to go back in the house.

Our house is close to the street, but it is not a very busy street, and most people don't drive that fast. Granted, at that hour of the morning there are more cars, and cars driving faster than usual, but still, it's not a freeway. Isaac is well aware that he cannot go into the street without holding my hand. So I wasn't worried about leaving him out front for the 3 minutes it would take me to grab the keys.

But as I turned, a car slowed down in front of the house. There was a woman inside, and she was pointing to Isaac. I waved at her, and called out, "I see him!"

She didn't drive away. She stayed there, in front of my house, even though I was waving at her, until I finally turned around and started walking back towards Isaac.

Maybe she didn't hear me. Maybe she thought I didn't know he was out there (he was on the other side of my car, not in my line of vision). Maybe she thought he was about to run out into the street.

Or maybe she just thought I was a complete shit of a mother and she needed to wait to make sure I didn't endanger my son any further.

It truly pissed me off. But I realize that she was just trying to protect my son. I probably should be grateful that she even cared enough for a total stranger to take time out of her morning. Though it seems to me that once I waved at her to let her know I had the situation under control, she should have driven her self-righteous self away.

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