Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Oh, didn't I tell you?

Today I took the kids to meet Lance for lunch at a little Mexican place near his work. We were having a reasonably good time until this exchange:

Lance: Oh, yeah--we're having Mother's Day at our house.
Me: *crickets*
Me: What?
Lance: Yeah, Dad just told me. We're doing Mother's Day at our house.
Me: This Mother's Day? As in 4 days from now?
Lance: Yeah.
Me: What?
Lance: We're doing Mother's Day. At our house. This weekend. You know--Mom, Dad, the grandmothers, my brother, Marisa. . .
Me: Huh.
Lance: What's the problem?
Me: So for Mother's Day, my gift is to throw a party for my in-laws?
Lance: No, I'm throwing the party. You won't have to do a thing.
Me: Huh.
Me: Why do you think your dad doesn't want to do it at their house?
Lance: Because it's Mother's Day--he doesn't want Mom to have to do any work.
Me: Right.
Lance: No, no no. You're not having to do any work either. I'll do it all. You just take the kids and leave Sunday morning and I'll do all the cleaning, everything.
Me: So my Mother's Day gift is to babysit the kids all morning?
Lance: Fine, I'll take the kids. You don't have to do anything.
Me: Uh huh. Just remember, babe, Father's Day is coming up.
Lance: I know. What's the big deal? You're not going to have to do anything.
Me: Okay. Payback's a bitch. Remember that.
Me: You know I haven't seen my dad in awhile. Maybe for Father's Day I'll invite him out here for the weekend. And hey, I know! You could take him golfing!

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