Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Name Game

Last night after putting Isaac to bed, Lance came and asked me, "Is there really a kid named Percy in Isaac's school?"
"Yeah, and there's a Darby, too."
"Oh, but Percy is way worse than Darby."
"Bad, yes. But not worse than Darby."

And then we continued to argue about which was the worse name, and what other terrible names we had heard.

Which is funny, since many people look at us with horror when we tell them we named our son Isaac.

When we told my grandfather Isaac's name, he said--"Oh. What are you going to call him?"
"Uh, Isaac."
"Oh. No nickname? Or anything else? Just Isaac?"
"Right. His name is Isaac. So we'll call him Isaac."

If Vivian had been a boy, she would have been Timothy, after a friend of ours. When I told my grandmother, she said, "Oh, that would have been great! I wish she had been a boy!"

Naming is so individual, and people have such strong opinions about names. I just hope my kids grow up liking their names well enough. They don't have to love them, but I don't want them to hate them. Time will only tell.

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