Wednesday, March 15, 2006


That's how I've been feeling lately. Though truthfully, it's more of a blah feeling. I can't even get all the way to blech.

I'm not sure why. There doesn't appear to be any unusual outside stressor. Of course, this is my period week, which I'm sure that has something to do with it, despite the fact that I haven't had a period in 6 months, unless you call spotting a period. (No, I am not pregnant. Yes, I need to call my OB).

I'm thinking I need to change birth control pills, or perhaps birth control methods. Ever since I had the kids, it seems I get dinged with a depression of greater or lesser value just about every 3 months. I'm not that into it, as they say. And I want it to stop.

Not surprisingly, so does Lance.

Vivian is perfecting her whining tactics and is driving me crazy, although I'm sure it's also fair to say that I'm driving her crazy, what with my incessant moodiness. Whatever it is, one thing is sure: there will be NO computer time when Miss Princess is awake. Not if I want to save my eardrums from bursting. If I dare sit down she whines right over and grabs my hand off the mouse, screaming No! until she gets my attention. Suddenly she wants to go to the playground every day, and can't be bothered to look through the books that used to keep her occupied forever.

Also we've been busy, which doesn't necessarily make me happy. I'm more of a take it slow kind of gal. I suppose part of the busyness comes from Vivian's insistance that we leave the house, even on days when Isaac's in school, but other things are conspiring to keep me away from the couch as well. Doctor's visits, various illnesses and the resulting trips to the drug-store, upcoming wedding showers and parties which require trips to the mall and presents to wrap. Basketball tournaments which completely preoccupy me.

A friend gave me some advice a while ago: "Get a life, Amy!", she said. She meant that I need to get out more, do more things with people who have acheived heights taller than 36" every once in awhile. I know that she is right, so Sunday I went with a friend to church. Catholic church. (That visit was definitely post-worthy for this non-practicing, Catholicism-is-my-least-favorite-religion semi-agnostic, but I'm so blah, I can't seem to force it out of my brain.) Later we went to brunch which included the requisite three mimosas and that was the point of the morning anyway (Sorry, Father John). Monday, Lance came home early which allowed me, mircale of miracles!, to go to the nail salon and get my hair cut. (I went to the cheap place, though, and they completely fucked up my fingers. Oh, and Fantastic Sam's cut my hair too short by about two inches. Yay.) Then Tuesday night I went out for drinks and dinner with some old friends from my working days. (Ah, remember the days when I used to earn a paycheck? And have meaningful conversations with people who didn't think pooping on the floor was hilarious? And go out for drinks without considering the myriad of things I need to now?)

Today, I had a fabulous blogger meet up, with Gina and the ever-adorable Mr. Personality. I know I say it all the time, but I just LOVE blogging. I would NEVER have met Gina if not for blogging, and I would have missed out on so much! We had a great time at the park and the kids all got along great. Even playing soccer together seemed to entertain them, although "playing soccer" actually meant Gina and I took turns telling our sons to "Okay, now kick it to him, sweetie! No kick it over there! You need to share the ball! Don't pick it up with your hands . . .Isaac! Isaac! We are sharing the ball!!Okay, good!"

After a nutritious meal at McDonald's, we headed home, and I stopped by my old place of work since we were driving right by. There the kids received the appropriate oohs and ahs, I reminisced about the good old days while everybody there gagged, and then we went home.

So, in fact, I've had quite a bit of a "life"this last few days. Yet still I am blechy. Blech-itable. Ble . . . blah. I still need to call the OB.

Truly, it's a blessing for all of you that I haven't had the inclination to write anything lately--all you'd be getting is more of these whiny posts--yuck. I have been lurking about occassionally, and when I can gather the energy to type I even leave a comment (aren't you thrilled!) Hopefully I can bust out of my funk soon.

(Of course Isaac's upcoming surgery (May 9th!) could possibly be causing some of this angst, but I prefer to believe that it is simply hormones. That fucking pill.)

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