Tuesday, March 21, 2006

One last basketball post, I promise.

You have never heard of Adam Lucas. He is a sportswriter for Carolina. He is probably my age. He has two kids, just like me. He bleeds Carolina blue, just like me. He is a phenomenal writer. (The fact that he writes passionately about something I am equally passionate about may influence my opinion here.)

Here is what he wrote about our last game. (Listen, I know no one else really cares about this, except maybe Nancy, and APL. So you don't really have to read it. I'm posting it here for me. Go ahead and skip this post; I'll come with something else tomorrow.)

When I was in Chapel Hill, visiting Chip, I saw a photo of Adam Lucas, and heard him talk on the radio. He is incredibly dorky-looking. And sounding. This bothers me. How can someone who so often writes exactly what I am feeling be a dork? Does that make me a dork? Probably.

I loved this Tar Heel team. I loved their spirit, I loved their effort, I loved all of them. My heart is broken, too, that we couldn't get past George Mason University. But I still have Senior Night in Durham, and that does ease the pain a little bit.

Okay, last post, I swear. Unless I win my pool, which will only happen if North Carolina comes back from the dead to win it all AND Duke loses last Thursday.

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