Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I should be getting paid for this

Right now I'm supposed* to be doing an unbelievably boring project for my dad which involves looking up random business filing fees and forms on the internet for every fucking state in the country, but guess what? I'm writing this post, for your enjoyment, instead.

Spring is here, as you may have noticed. Actually, spring hasn't really been in Los Angeles the last few days, but I shouldn't complain--it's gorgeous today, even if a little cold for my weak blood (mid 60s). Chilly air and all, spring is "officially" here, and that means only one thing: Easter candy.

I know you didn't ask for this, but since I bought out the Easter goodies from our local Sav On the other day, I thought I'd share with you what I've learned.

First off, Butterfinger Nest Eggs suck. SUCK. (Also, they suck because I could not find a link to them anywhere on the internet. Perhaps because they suck so bad.)

Secondly, these
hershey eggs
are okay, but the M&M's are way better. Smaller equals better in this instance.

Same goes for these:
peanut egg

Definitely tasty, and worth buying, but I wish they'd just paint the smaller, regular pieces Easter colors. We don't need a whole egg's worth of peanut-ty goodness. Disrupts the delicate balance of peanut to chocolate, see.

I know you know this already, but these are not good for anything but experiments in the microwave.

Finally, these are awesome. I've eaten an entire bag in less than three days, and except for the slightly sickening after-taste, I have no complaints.

In other product news:

If you have children who walk, and you have an aversion to spending large amounts of money for shoes that they will outgrow in 6 months, try these. They are well-made, under $25, and best of all, no shoelaces.

Last summer we bought these, also from Land's End, and they are awesome too, and even cheaper.

Last but not least:
I am not a beauty product type person. I buy my shampoo and moisturizer at the grocery store. I use lotion once a week. My make-up, purchased at the local drug store, is over a year old. However, I seem to be getting older and therefore uglier. My hair has always been a problem for me, but now it's verging on the ridiculous. I need to shave my head or grow dredlocks or buy a wig, or use this product. It is the only thing I have found that will condition my hair without weighing it down.

And that's it. My nod to the patriarchal, consumerist, materialist world we all live in.

*The reason for this project is that Lance and I are planning a remodel, which we can't really afford, and so my dad is throwing all the busy work that his employees don't have time to do my way, and paying me to do it in my "spare" time. Which is really great of him, and I shouldn't complain. Yet, here I am, complaining. Shocking, I know.

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