Sunday, March 19, 2006


Well. I didn't expect them to win the title again this year, but I sure as hell thought we could beat George Mason University. Ick.

My brackets are both destroyed, but I expected that, no matter how well Carolina did.

I've been very slightly ill for about a week now, and by Thursday I had laryngitus. I couldn't speak, AT ALL, until Friday night. This weekend has been busy and not restful, and as a result I think I've developed a sinus infection of some sort. So now on top of having the blahs, and my team completely blowing it, I'm sick. Wah.

Oh, here's some exceptionally bad parenting for you: Friday night Carolina played their first round game against Murray State. The game was not being shown locally here, so Lance and I decided to go to a sports bar/restaurant to watch it. Our babysitter was not available, so we took the kids. That's right, we took our 3 year old and our 1.5 year old to a sports bar on St. Patrick's Day.

Then, since Carolina couldn't even lock that game down until the last seconds, we kept the kids out until 9:30pm. I had hoped and assumed that we would blow by Murray State and be able to leave early, but such was not the case. That meant the kids were at the bar for almost 4 hours. Fortunately there were TONS of people to watch, a gazillion t.v.s, and several Ms. Pac Mans to play on. Lance and I and our friend Del took turns taking the kids outside to run around for periods too.

People loved the kids. We were like the freak show at a carnival: everyone did double-takes when they saw us. I don't suppose it's very common to see a couple of kids out at your local watering hole, on St. Patrick's Day, and on Day 2 of the tournament. Lots of very pretty twenty something women dressed in green ooh'd and ah'd over Vivian, and Isaac, to a lesser extent. If one of the guys had been single, it would have been a great way to meet someone.

As it was, Carolina escaped with the win, and we all walked out of there happy. The kids did extremely well, and I was proud of them, and just drunk enough not to feel bad about what I'd exposed them to. At least smoking is banned in bars and restaurants in California, so there was no danger of second hand smoke.

Which reminds me--did you hear about Calabasas banning smoking in all public places? As a non-smoker, I think it's fabulous. Calabasas is a town not far from us--maybe 25 minutes away with no traffic. I can see why people think the law is Big Brother-ish, but on the other hand, life is so much nicer when there is no cigarette smoke (or smoke of any kind, really) in your face.

That's all I've got today folks.


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