Friday, March 10, 2006

Ti-iiime, is (not) on my side

I am having such a hard time finding moments to blog lately. It used to be, I could count on those hours while Isaac was in pre-school. Vivian has always been a remarkably easy toddler, and she could entertain herself, happily, for 30 minutes or more while I wrote. The older she gets, the less likely this is to happen. While this is frustrating, I know better than to complain: I have been blessed for 20 months with her easy-going personality, and anyway, her brother required constant vigilance, entertainment and supervision from 7 months to 28 months or so. I'm lucky to have had the freedom I've had.

Naptime was another sure time for me to blog, but that has changed recently, too. Isaac is no longer tired until about 2pm, whereas Vivian crashes by 1. That means she's awake around 3 or 3:30, leaving me only an hour of free time that I often need to use for cleaning/washing/cooking. I don't have time to fit writing in there. Also, if I have to separate the kids for naps, which happens about 50% of the time, then Vivian sleeps in the pack n' play in the office, where the computer is. She won't tolerate my typing away next to her in the dark anymore, insisting instead that I get her out to play.

Evenings are the best time, but that means less time for Lance and I to connect, and that's something I really want to value over blogging.

So. I have loads to tell you, posts swirling around in my head as I shower, before I fall asleep, while I'm sorting yet another few loads of laundry. And yet I have no time to tell you. Between that, and the couple perfect posts that Blogger ate earlier this week, P.O.W. has been a pretty empty suit lately.

Perhaps this weekend I can catch up.

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