Friday, March 24, 2006


If you are here via CityMama, please know that I don't always talk so much about sports. I am a wee bit obsessed with College Basketball, but that only happens once a year. It's almost over this year, especially since my team (North Carolina, of course) already lost. The women are still in it, though! Nevertheless, I'm usually talking about poop and other kid-related things here. I'm not sure how that's supposed to win you over, but there you go.

Mommygoth, over at Whatever happened to my rock n roll lifestyle?, writes a weekly post about all the things she is thankful for in her life. I love reading these, just like I love reading all of her blog--really, you should check her out, she's a fabulous writer. Sometimes I find myself feeling a teeny bit inadequate, as I am unable to come up with similar blessings in my own life. Oh sure, I'm incredibly thankful for the big ones: my beautiful children, my amazing husband, a roof over our heads, extended family that supports us in a myriad of ways--but the little things, the smaller things I've had trouble with lately.

However, as some of you noted in the comments, last night Duke lost to LSU. I'm feeling particularly light-hearted and happy today, as a result, and I thought I'd give blessings a try.

1. LSU beat Duke last night. I try not to take too much pleasure in Duke's pain, but the truth is the only thing worse than Carolina losing in the second round would be Duke winning a national championship. Plus, who am I kidding? Nothing makes me happier than Duke losing, especially in the tournament! It is true that the other teams I was pulling for (Gonzaga, because I hate UCLA; West Virginia, because I hate the Texas coach) lost, but I am willing to take that, just to see JJ Redick cry. Here, read this, if you want to revel some, too. But best of all, now I can remember this year for all the great things my team did, especially beating Duke at Duke on Senior night. It will not be tempered by the bitter pill of our rival winning a championship.

2. Isaac is potty-trained. I can't tell you how nice it is to change only one child's worth of poopy diapers every day, rather than two. I only have to take the Diaper Champ out once or twice a week! It doesn't reek to high heaven all the time! What else can I say about this? You wouldn't believe me if I tried to explain how much this has improved my qualilty of life, but it has.

3. I made a couple fish dishes in the beginning of the week and they both turned out. Then I turned the leftovers into fish salad which we had for sandwiches the next night. Last night was thin cut pork chops that I put in a store bought marinade, plus the leftover rice and couscous from the fish nights, and some quick vegetable stir fry. Which means I only had to go to the grocery store once, and I used everything up. Nothing rotted in Tupperware behind the Amstel Light in the fridge. On top of that, everything was edible. I know it sounds silly, but this pleased me to no end.

4. I have gone off the pill, and already I feel better. Granted, this is all in my head, since I went off the pill exactly 5 days ago, but still. No more moody, bitchy Amy.

5. Spring is coming! Actually spring is here, today in Los Angeles anyway. After a week or more of below average temperatures, the sun is finally showing her strength, and it's meant to be almost 80 today. If only it were 80 every day . . .

6. I purchased a dress for a wedding at an outlet store the other day. The dress is awesome, and looks great on me, but. But it cost $250, at an outlet store! I have been feeling guilty about it since I purchased it. I bought it at the MaxStudio outlet, but the tag (not cut in half, the way some are), says Max Mara. Also, it was the only one of its kind in the store, and didn't have a price tag on it. When I brought it to the counter, the twenty-something clerk seemed perplexed, but finally was able to ring it up. I'm telling myself that this is a high couture dress, probably worth WAY more than $250. It probably got sent to the outlet store by mistake! Now I don't feel guilty anymore! I feel like I got an awesome deal! I've been trying to find it on-line just to see how much I "saved", but I haven't had any luck. See? It's probably a one-of-a-kind. What a bargain shopper I am! Now my hair just needs to grow out from the bad cut I got at Fantastic Sam's, and I'll be irresistible at the wedding.

7. Our dishwasher has been dying a slow and painful death over the last several (like SIX) months, and we finally got a new one last week. It's a brand new experience to empty the dishwasher and not have to re-wash three-quarters of the dishes. Probably saving the enviroment a couple tons of water a week, too. Yay!

That wasn't so hard, after all. I don't know that I'll have so much to be thankful for every week, but you never know . .

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