Thursday, March 23, 2006

Conversation, 7:05 am

Scene: the kitchen, I'm getting food out for breakfast.

Isaac: Mommy, remember last time when I threw the book and Vivi was laughing?

Me: What? Mmm, no throwing things, right?

Isaac: Member last time and I threw the book and the broken window?

Me: What?

Isaac: Member last time Vivi was laughing and the broke-the broken--the window, um, the window broken?

Me: Did you break a window? When? Say that again!

Isaac: (Giggles.)

Me: Wait, let's go. Let's go to your room so I can see what you are talking about.

Isaac: Nooo! I don't want to! Nooo!

Me (still not really believing): What's the matter? Come on, let's go see your room for a minute.

Isaac: Please don't yell at me 'cause I broke the window, Mommy. I don't want you to see it. Don't open the shade!

Me (entering the room and opening the shade to reveal a broken window): WHAT HAPPENED? Babe! Babe, come in here!

For those of you keeping score: yes, we are planning a remodel in a few months, which will include replacing all our original 1953 cheap-ass windows. Not really interested in paying for the pane to be replaced in the meantime. Lance spent the morning covering the broken glass with cardboard. Classy!

How this happened without either Lance or I hearing the crash is beyond me, especially considering their room is steps away from ours, and the walls are VERY thin. I can only guess that the glass was so thin and cheap the sound of it breaking was muted by Isaac and Vivian's laughter. They WERE laughing pretty loudly in there this morning--around 6:15 am.

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