Wednesday, February 16, 2005

And you think you have it bad

Last night.

7:30pm Lance is at the Laker game, so I do the whole bedtime routine alone. Somehow I forget to feed Vivian.

10pm Realize my mistake, wake her up and feed her. Think--well, at least she'll sleep till 6 or 7 tomorrow. (foreshadowing, anybody?) Go to bed myself.

12:01am Hear cat's sick screaming meow, which means she is about to huck up a hairball. Lance jumps out of bed and throws her outside.

1:12 am Cat is meowing as loud as she can to be let back in. This goes on for at minimum 10 minutes. Lance finally gets up to open the door.

2:21 am Vivian wakes up crying. WTF? I go in, stick her pacifier in, pat her back for a while. After 5 minutes, she falls back asleep. Phew.

3:23 am Isaac wakes up crying. Lance gets up to see what is going on. Whispered conversations interspersed with loud crying ensues. After 5 minutes or so Lance returns to bed. Isaac is still crying, loudly.

3:33 am I get up and go into the room. Attempt to quiet him down, rub his back, threaten him with bodily harm if he doesn't shut up, and so on for 15 minutes. Eventually turn his radio on very low and convince him to be quiet. Go back to bed.

3:48- 4:12am Attempt to sleep while listening to Isaac talk to himself, NOT QUIETLY.

4:49am Vivian wakes up screaming. ARGH. Go in, roll her over, stick the pacifier in her mouth. This does not calm her down. Pat her back for a few minutes and sneak out. As soon as I open the door, more screaming. Return to my bed anyway.

4:56am -5: 31am Listen to Vivian screaming bloody murder. By some miracle she has not woken Isaac up. Finally go back in, roll her over, stick the pacifier in, pat her back. No dice. This only makes her scream louder. Give up and return to bed.

5:31-6:42 am See above.

6:48 am Vivian finally sleeps.

6:49am Cat begins sickly meow again. Get up and throw her outside.

8:05 am Cat's meows are so loud they have woken the entire neighborhood. Get up to let her in, and feed her.

8:10am Isaac wakes up.

8:40am Vivian wakes up.

At least they let us sleep from 7 to 8.

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