Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Entertaining Isaac

8:30 am
Isaac: "Go Car? Go Car? Go Car?"
Me: "No, sweetie, we can't go in the car yet, Vivi's sleeping."
"Go Car? Go Car? Go Car?"
"How about coloring? Do you want to color?Mommy will get the markers."
"Go Car? Go Car? Go Car?"
"Let's color! Which one do you want? Red? Do you want the red one? Look, what should we draw today?"
"Geen one!'
"You want the green one? Okay! Let's get the paper. Sit down at your table."
"Geen one! Geen! Lello! Bown. Bown. Bown one!"
"Okay, brown one then. Here you go. Remember, we only draw on the paper, nothing else, okay?"
"Dump it out? Dump it out?"
"No, sweetie, we're not dumping out the markers. Only one at a time. You tell me when you're done with the brown and I'll get you a new color."
"Lello! Lello!"
"Okay, here you go. I'll take the brown back." --"Hey! Isaac, what are you doing? We only color on the paper! Okay, no more coloring. Come on, give Mommy the markers."
"Go Car? Go Car? Go Car?"
"Let's build a castle!"
"Build castle?"
"Yeah! Let's build a castle! Here we go! Where does this one go?"
"Wowsa Dowsa look at that big castle!"
"Wow, you're right! Look at the big castle! Here's another one, where does it go?"
"Here? Here? Here?"
"Okay, great! Good building!" "Oh, no! There goes the castle! You knocked it over!"
"Build castle again?"
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
"Hey, I know. Let's read a story. Can you pick out a story?"
"Okay! Story!"
"Go ahead a pick one. Okay--oh, that one. Hmm, Mommy doesn't like that one. Pick another, okay?"
"Barney! Barney!"
"Really? Don't you want another one? How about The Napping House?"
Barney! Barney!"
"Okay, Barney it is. 'Hugs are special, hugs are nice . . . '"
"Read again?"
"Okay, let's read it again."
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
"What about The Napping House now?"
"No Napping House!"
"Alright. Hey--I see a mess over there. Should we sweep it up?"
"Seep! Seep! Ceen up the mess!"
"Let's get the broom. Here you go."
"Seep! Aga's ceen up the mess!"
"Thank you, Isaac. What a big help you are. Thanks for cleaning up the mess.--Okay, broom stays on the floor, though. Broom on the floor! Thank you."
"Boom on foor. Boom on foor. Messy, messy."
"Hold on, hold on, let's not go back there. The mess it out here, sweetie. Isaac, NO. Vivi is sleeping."
"Check on Vivi? Hear her? Hear her?"
"No, Vivi is still sleeping. I don't hear her. But there's a mess over here. Dont you want to sweep it up?"
"Check on Vivi? Go car? Go car? Go car?"
"Hey--what's Elmo doing? Look who I found? Here's Elmo!"
"Elmo sad! What appened to Elmo?"
"What happened? Did Elmo fall down? Better give Elmo a hug. Good boy! Oh, and a kiss, too. I bet Elmo feels better now."
(Elmo is thrown to the floor.) "Elmo sad! What appened to Elmo?"
"Did Elmo fall down?"
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

8:45 am.
Me: "Do you want to watch Sesame Street?"

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