Thursday, February 10, 2005

He was trying to be helpful!

This morning around 6 I stumbled back into bed with Vivian, having spent most of the night and the entire last hour trying to get her to sleep. She has a terrible cold and cough and it's really pissing her off that she can't breathe. She can't nurse very well, either, which contributes to her generally pissy mood and inability to sleep. And I don't blame her--hey, it sucks to be sick!-- but at 4 in the morning empathy is hard to come by.

So last night was a tough one, involving trips to the bathroom with the hot shower running, numerous doses of cold medicine, tylenol and anything else the medicine cabinet offered up, and lots of patting of the back, rocking and shushing. Finally around 6 I figured I had to get some sleep somehow so I dragged her into bed.

At which point my husband said, "Babe, you really need to take her to the doctor."

Ya think??

UPDATE: Perhaps fearing his upcoming death, my husband did make up for his nighttime transgression by taking child #1--wide awake loudly at 6:30--out to get coffee and newspaper while Vivian and I finally slept this morning.

Now, that's helpful.

And yes, we have a doctor's appt today at 1:40.

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