Sunday, February 06, 2005

Go Carolina

For the latest in sports blogs: check this out.

And another link, brought to you by my brother, Chip, who has no idea that his whole family is converging on Chapel Hill to wish him a happy 30th birthday next week (watch for it in coming blogs!) Note this is a link to the actual Duke Student newspaper, not a spoof.

Guess what game is coming up? Yeah, that's right-- Carolina vs. Dook. There's a wee bit of a rivalry there, so forgive me my obseesion for a moment.

The real link I wanted to send you was a picture of Coach K on the floor after he fainted this weekend, but since the powers that be at Duke have made sure all such photos are banned, I am out of luck.

I did find this one instead. (Yes, of course its doctored, so not quite as funny--but it will do.)

Anyway, apologies to all my non-existent readers for this crazy post. I admit to being nervous already, and the game is not until tomorrow night.

I. can't. help. myself!

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