Monday, February 28, 2005

Yay! Ray!

I'm so happy that Jamie Foxx won the Oscar for Ray last night. I absolutely loved that movie, and I thought he was incredible in it. Granted, I haven't seen any of the other movies but I just can't believe anybody did a better job. And apparently, I'm right!

I didn't watch the Oscars--I find them really boring--but I checked this morning to see who won. I can't believe how well Million Dollar Baby did. Maybe I'll have to see it after all. Wonder if it's out on video yet?

One thing about this year's nominees: I might actually watch most of these movies. Usually, the movies that are nominated don't interest me at all. I really hate period dramas and those slow arty movies the critics love so much. But this year, it seems a lot of the nominated movies are my kind of movie. Even Hotel Rwanda, which is the kind of thing I usual avoid (graphic violence, true story of people behaving cruelly), is somehow appealing to me this year. Probably because Don Cheadle is such a favorite of mine.

*** *** ***
In other news, Vivian slept until 6:30 both Saturday and Sunday mornings. However, this morning (she must know that it is Monday), she woke up at 5:15. Screamed bloody murder until she finally passed out at 6:05. Woke her brother up who started yelling "Mommy! Mommy! Daddy! Trash truck!" around 6:10 and didn't stop until we finally went to get him around 6:50.

I know if I feed her when she wakes up, she will eat quickly and quietly and then go back to sleep, so it is really difficult to just let her cry and wake up the whole household. But she is 8.5 months old, for pete's sake! I know she can sleep 11 hours without a feeding, she just doesn't want to. I am so hoping that just a few more weeks of this torture and she will be doing that on a regular basis. Pray with me, now.

Oh, but guess what? She has started coughing again, the same phlegmy hacking cough she had a few weeks ago. I can't believe she is getting sick again, and I am dreading returning to the pediatrician. Why, you ask? Um, well: 1. Dr. Kaminker prescribed an antibiotic and told me to bring her back in to make sure her ears were clear after 10 days. 2. The pharmacy didn't give us enough antibiotic and when I called, the nurse told me 7 days of it was probably enough, but just to make sure and bring her in the be sure her ears were clear. 3. Guess who hasn't brought her back in yet? (It has been almost 3 weeks.)

And there's this: when I brought her in the first time, I had Isaac with me, and he completely freaked out as soon as he saw the room. His last trip to the doctor was traumatic, and apparently he hasn't forgotten it. I really don't want to put him (and me, and the doctor) through all that again, especially since he has his 2 year check up coming up. So I need to find a time to take her when either my husband is home from work, or my mother-in-law is available. Unfortunately, MIL is out of town skiing (the nerve!) and Lance is busy. So I'm not sure what to do.


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