Thursday, February 10, 2005

brand new bathroom

New bathroom Posted by Hello


Amy said...

The new bathroom looks great! You ever think that in about 30 years someone is going to think "yuck"? I'm just moving into a new place and there's wood paneling EVERYWHERE- even the bathroom for crissakes. And you know, 30 years ago that was one rockin house. So in about 2035 people are going to think you were out of your mind and put the same tile you just replaced back in again. But in all seriousness, it does look very nice. I'm dealing with a peach colored bathtub & sink, wood paneled bathroom walls and some mosaic looking brown tiles. Guess I'm just

Piece of Work said...

I definitely think that. It's so funny how we always think that what is current is "timeless" but 10 or 20 years later its so obviously dated.

Amy said...

Oh, and guess what? I can't even paint over the paneling since we're only renting! The shingles yes, shingles) that cover an entire wall in the living room and slowly growing on me- since I have to live with them. The house is very, er, retro.