Tuesday, March 08, 2005

100 things

I keep seeing these 100 things on everyone's blog in the about me section, so I thought I'd jump in. It's possible I can figure out how to put a link to this post in that section, but I'm not guaranteeing it.

1. I am 36(!) years old.
2. I have 2 kids, 16 months apart: Isaac (3) and Vivian (2)
3. We are probably done having kids. My husband says we are definitely done having kids.
4. Secretly I want one more.
5. I grew up on the East Coast, where the ocean is to the East.
6. After college, I moved to California, where the ocean is West.
7. I have a terrible sense of direction.
8. I have a bad hair day almost every single day. Really.
9. I was a jock in high school--captain of 3 sports.
10. My highschool was really small, with only 70 people in my graduating class.
11. I went to high school in Conneticut, at a small private boarding school.
12. I loved it.
13. But I won't send my kids to boarding school.
14. Conneticut has really really terrible weather.
15. For college, I decided to go somewhere warmer.
16. I went to a large public university in the south: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
17. I loved it.
18. But not at first.
19. People act different in the South. Once I learned how to understand their language, I fit in better.
20. I have held a job since I was 15.
21. Until I had Isaac, 2 years ago.
22. Being a stay at home mom is the hardest (worst) job I've ever had. And I was a telemarketer, once.
23. It's also the best job I've ever had.
24. I was smart in school and always made good grades.
25. I hated studying.
26. Once I graduated from college I swore I'd never have that kind of stress again.
27. Consequently, I never worked at very important jobs.
28. I'm pretty sure my dad is disappointed in that.
29. But I know he loves me anyway.
30. I hate and fear talking on the phone.
31. I much prefer email even though it is cowardly.
32. I don't like being told what to do.
33. I don't like telling other people what to do.
34. I like being alone.
35. I love my husband.
36. I miss my family. They all still live on the East Coast.
37. My husband grew up in California, and this is where we are staying.
38. I love the weather here.
39. I hate being cold.
40. I can't drink hard alcohol unless it is in a Margarita.
41. I love beer.
42. I drink at least one beer 5 out of 7 days a week.
43. I can't believe I'm only on number 43.
44. I moved to California after college because it was really far away and it sounded cool. Plus I hate cold weather.
45. Unfortunately I moved to San Francisco. It is pretty cold there, all year round.
46. Cold as in 55-65 degrees, not 3 degrees. I don't know how people live in Minnesota.
47. I loved living in San Francisco, despite the cold.
48. When I lived in San Francisco, I often made fun of LA, and people who lived there.
49. Even though I'd never been to LA.
50. I met my husband on a blind date.
51. When he told me he was a middle child, I thought, "Hmm, maybe this will work out."
52. I am a middle child.
53. My husband grew up in LA.
54. LA is not nearly so bad as they make it sound when you live in San Francisco.
55. Never call San Francisco "Frisco"
56. My husband works for Cisco Systems.
57. We moved to LA after we got married.
58. I cried all the way across the bay bridge. Then I stopped crying.
59. The weather in LA is MUCH better than the weather in San Francisco.
60. I have lived on the West Coast now for 13 years.
61. It bothers me that my children will never experience a "snow day."
62. But not so much that I would consider moving back there.
63. I am not outgoing.
64. I feel really shy around new people.
65. It's hard for me to make new friends.
66. I am incredibly unobservant.
67. For example, I never notice what people are wearing, or even what they look like.
68. Unless they are really hot. Or really ugly.
69. I generally think the best of people and give them the benefit of the doubt.
70. Consequently I am let down a lot.
71. I am not a good judge of people.
72. I assume people do not have an ulterior motive.
73. I should know better by now.
74. I rarely get sick.
75. As a result, I am completely NOT germ-a-phobic.
76. Germ-a-phobes really annoy me.
77. I have been known to pick my daughter's pacifier off the ground and put it in her mouth.
78. I don't mind eating something that has fallen on the floor.
79. And I rarely clean the floors.
80. I hate cleaning the floors.
81. I hate ironing even more.
82. And hand-washing. Yuk.
83. I have one shirt that is hand-wash only. It has been at the bottom of my laundry basket for almost a year.
84. I like almost all foods.
85. I can't stand it when people are picky.
86. Or when they send food back at a restaurant.
87. I was brought up to think that if someone gives you something, you should be grateful, even if you hate what they got you.
88. I hate returning things to stores, even if they are defective.
89. If I have to return something, I usually make my husband do it.
90. He doesn't mind.
91. He's kind of picky. I call him fussy.
92. If he doesn't like a gift from you, you can tell.
93. It's really annoying, even though I suppose it's more honest.
94. I know I said I wasn't picky, but I do hate peas.
95. And I was a vegetarian for 10 years.
96. I am really non-confrontational.
97. If you tell me something I don't agree with, I won't say a word.
98. But it won't change my position.
99. I am a democrat, but I am too practical to be liberal.
100. I am practical to a fault.
101. Luckily for me, my husband is a romantic.
102. I know this is number 102, but I repeated myself once. Can you find it?


Amanda said...

I loved your list! I should do one. Not usre if I could come up 100 though. I am pretty boring.

Rachel said...

I lvoed your list too. I can totally agree with you on the hosecleaning and handwash items. I think your repeat was that Lance grew up in CA and then you said he grew up in LA. Kind of the same!

Rachel said...

Guess I should have previewed my comments. I mean housecleaning not hosecleaning. And loved is spelled wrong. I could clearly not be a blogger!

Piece of Work said...

Rachel--thanks for giving me a giggle. And yes, you are right, I said Lance grew up here twice.