Sunday, March 06, 2005


I know I said earlier that I wasn't complaining, but I guess I lied. Maybe my hangover just caught up with me, but LORD, I am tired. Please oh please, dear children, sleep tonight.

Vivian has been on another antibiotic since Thursday, but she doesn't seem any better. Shouldn't she be better by now?? Over the counter medication isn't helping much either. I've decided she sleeps much better without the Pediacare, even though it says it's for nighttime use. The antihistamine in it does make her sleepy, but then it wears off, and the decongestant is still there, wiring her up. This is my new theory. Last night she didn't have the Pediacare and instead of being up from 1am to 3:30am, she only woke a few times before 4, and we were able to get her back to sleep after 5 or 10 minutes. Then of course she woke up at 4, all hungry. The last few nights have been so bad with her that I have ended up feeding her, once at 1 am, once at 3:30 am. But I don't want to get back in the rut of nighttime feedings. So this morning I refused. I made Lance go try and soothe her back to sleep, which worked for about 20 minutes. At which point he returned to her crib to soothe her again. Twenty minutes later, repeat. And so on, until around 5:15 when we finally brought her back to our room so Isaac wouldn't wake up. I fed her around 6:45.

Isaac has caught the damn bug now, so even if Vivian does sleep better tonight, I'm guessing Isaac will be up and raring to go. I can't give him any medication, except plain cough syrup, so at least he won't have that getting him amped up. Antihistamines definitely make him wired. He was up a few times last night, but fortunately for all, went back to sleep fairly quickly. Unfortunately, he woke up for good around 6:30 am.

We did bring the humidifier in from the garage (duh!) so that might have helped last night too. Maybe it will do the trick tonight. Maybe the antibiotic will start working today. Maybe Isaac won't get as bad a cold as Vivian has. Maybe I will find some concealer to hide these bags under my eyes.

God. Aren't you getting tired of posts about how tired I am? Tiresome, isn't it?


Jeni said...

Hope you're littles ones start to feel better. That's no fun. :(

Amy B. said...

I feel for you. I'm tired even when I get plenty of sleep, drink a million cups of coffee and have a child who has slept all night. I think it's somewhere in the mommy handbook that you have to give up sleep for the rest of your life. Hope the kiddies get better soon and you get some rest! By the way- I use concealer EVERY day.

Psycho Kitty said...

Oh, yeah, I was going to complain about your complaining about being tired but I was to tired to do it. :)
That sick-kids-on-top-of-a-hangover thing sucks. But I'm glad the code worked.
(Shhh...are you k_roch?)
Could this comment be any more random?
Oh, and

Psycho Kitty said...

I'm even too tired to spell "too" correctly. Sigh.

Ally said...

Aww I don't know how old your kiddos are, but I suppose it doesn't matter what age... being sick is the worst. Hopefully they'll both get through this quickly.

Piece of Work said...

Ally--Isaac is 2 and Vivian is 8 months.

Piece of Work said...

Psycho Kitty--no I am not k roch, but . . her comment there is the one that led me to your blog. And thus began the blogging addiction.

It took me a while to figure out k roch!!