Wednesday, March 16, 2005


You know how I posted a few days ago about the heavenly night we had? Why did I do that? Why did I tempt the fates, as it were? I mean, we can all guess what kind of nights we've had since then, right? Has Isaac stopped screaming before 9:30pm? Uh, no. Has Vivian slept later than 5:30am? Uh, no. Has either one slept through the midnight hours without waking? Well--NO.

And guess what else? Not only have bed-times become a horrible horrible 3 hour struggle and precurser of interupted and non-rem sleep, capped off by insanely early wake up calls--but naptime is now catching up in nightmarish-quality.

Yesterday, I put the kids down for their nap around 1:15pm. At 3pm, they were still awake. Isaac screaming unconsolably in his crib, having had all the blankets, slinky, animals taken away from him and forced to wear his pjs. Vivian still occasionally gigling, lying on her back and periodically banging her binky against the crib bars. Me? I was in a heap on the floor outside their room, completely hoarse from screaming at them for the last 2 hours to BE QUIET! CLOSE YOUR EYES! LIE DOWN!

Eventually they did nap, but they didn't awake until 5:30, which pushed back their bedtime, making it even more "pleasant" than usual.

I am so dreading naptime today. Nothing like screaming at your kids (who are babies, for pete's sake!) for hours on end to make you feel like the world's greatest mom.

I know what they say--you can't make them eat, and you can't make them sleep. But, why not??? There must be some way to force sleep on an over-active 2 year old and his monkey-see, monkey-do sister.

Until then I remain, your sleep-deprived shit of a mom.

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Suzanne said...

Bedtime is just about my least favorite part of the day. It's so stressful, and by the time the kids are asleep I'm too depleted for anything more vigorous than sleep.

I'm still waiting for a baby-safe sleeping potion...