Monday, March 14, 2005


Isaac is going to pre-school! All together now: Hallelujah!

I know that 2 is a bit young for school. But, people! I cannot go to the grocery store with the both of them anymore! Do you know what a pain it is to get them both ready and into the carseats, then get them out of the carseats and into the shopping cart and bjorn, then run through the store as quickly as possible before Isaac has a meltdown and starts throwing things, then get them both back in their carseats??I keep forgetting to buckle Vivian into hers! One of these days I'm going to forget her altogether!

So you see why pre-school is the best thing. I can't keep him entertained anymore. Even he has tired of building castles with the Lego set. Plus, since we don't really have any friends with kids, at least this way he'll get to spend some time with other children his age.

And I will have 3 mornings a week with only Vivian to take care of. One butt to clean! One mouth to feed! One miniature, short-attention spanned specimen to entertain! Pure heaven.

Also, and this is for Trisha: I believe he is a genius. In fact, I am so sure he is gifted, I'm getting a little worried about the hardship this could be for us. Today, when he picked the magnetic letter "T" off the floor, he said "letter T"! And even though 2 minutes later he said "Dubbeyu", I'm sure he knows his ABCs. Already! You see? So I must send him to school to stimulate his incredible mind!

The only problem with this pre-school thing is that it costs money. And money is kind of tight these days. So I guess we'll just go (further) into debt, like the rest of the country. Just doing our part to stimulate the economy!

I must also report this: Vivian has been sleeping. I mean really, truly sleeping. 11 hours at night, two 2 hour naps per day. I'm not quite sure what to make of it.

And: yes, Carolina lost the other day. I DON'T CARE. We still got the number one seed and we are still going to win the next 6 games, HANDS DOWN. (Which means we'll win the title, dummy.)


Rachel said...

You are so brave. Everyone is telling me I should put Sofia somewhere in the fall. I'm torn but I will most likely change my mind when there are two to worry about. Tell me ALL about it. You can be my guinea pig.

Miss Sass said...

I don't think 2 is too young for school at all! Good for you!! :)

trisha said...

Bwaahahahaaa!!! Thanks, man. Made my morning!

I used to think two was too young for preschool, and then I had a baby. Though, soon, pregnant women will be taking their wombs to preschool. I know it.

Suzanne said...

Good for you! My son starts preschool in the fall -- he'll be almost 3 and a half at that point, and I've been wondering if he'll be at a disadvantage compared to some other kids. But it will be great for him to socialize with other children his age.

Yeah, trying to grocery-shop with two little kids is a true exercise in futility. I once laughed at parents who used those shopping carts that had a "truck seat" in the front, complete with steering wheels, for their kids to sit in. Now I know that this is indeed one of humankind's more important achievements.

Piece of Work said...

Rachel--trust me, this fall when you have Sofia and that new sweet baby to take care of you will relish, I mean RELISH, a few hours without Sofia each week.
Of course, Isaac hasn't started yet, so could still be a nightmare . .

Or Rachel, you could do like Trisha suggests and just take your womb to preschool now. Keep Sofia at home, and send #2 to school. Everyone knows the 2nd child always gets the shaft anyway!

suzanne--I am so afraid of those carts! They look so unwieldy and I know if I ever put Isaac in one I can just forget about ever using a regular cart again. But I suppose I will have to succomb eventually. Vivian is getting a little heavy for the old bjorn.

Amy B. said...

Ivy started going to daycare a few months after she turned 2 and she LOVES it. It's been really great for her. She's been able to interact with other little kids and she's learned so much. She just turned 3 and she sings her ABCs, counts to ten, sings and dances, and talks up a storm. Isaac's going to love it and you get to relax- a little.

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