Friday, March 04, 2005

FYI, part II

I don't have much to say today--another sleepless night with Vivian has sapped my of any coherent thought--but I did want to warn you:

The Duke-Carolina game is coming up. In two days. And Rashad McCants is still not playing.

So I may be freaking out until around 4pm Sunday. By then all will be right with the world, Tarheels will be assured the regular season ACC title and secured a number 1 seed-- or all hell will break loose and you will be subjected to another pathetic drunken post, bringing into question the sexuality (how original!) of any and all dookies.

Aside: why does anti-histimine cause both my children to become crazed monkeys? It is supposed to make you drowsy, dammit! As in, ASLEEP. Not wide awake and laughing from 1 to 3 am.


Kelly said...

lol. It makes us adults sleepy. Children though.. Yikes! I think most say on the bottle "may cause excitibility in children" How weird.

Amy B. said...

I hope your crazed monkey children have let you get a little sleep this weekend! :)

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