Monday, March 21, 2005

This bracket is toast

My Elite Eight picks:

North Carolina
Oklahoma State
Georgia Tech
Wake Forest

The ones in bold are still in it.

My only hope is that Illinois loses in the Sweet Sixteen this weekend. That way, I could very well come in last place (out of 173) and at least get my money back. (Last place gets the pity vote, and the poolkeeper returns the entry fee.) Currently I am 172.

However, none of this really matters, since North Carolina is KICKING ASS all over the place.

Bless you, Tar Heels.


Chantal said...

My husband and I get all excited about MM around here too. :)

We stayed up late watching Wake Forsest v WV. What a game! I couldn't
get to sleep afterward! Wake Forest was my pic, so I guess I'll join
you on the Tar Heels bench.

Rachel said...

So far I still have 6 of my 8 teams left and all my final four teams. I have a Final Four of AZ, WA, NC, MSU. We will see! I can't believe all the upsets. Ouch.

I've really been enjoying your blog. :)

Piece of Work said...

Chantal--I had Wake in the Final Four too--boo hoo!

Rachel--I am so impressed with you! What great picks!

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