Friday, March 11, 2005


Lately (well, today) I've been out-ing myself to some of my real-life friends. Hi! Jen. Heather. Susanna. Rachel. Lance.

It's funny, you start blogging and everything seems so weird and scary, and you are afraid that someone might actually read your blog. But then, like anything else, over time you become more comfortable and suddenly you're thinking, why doesn't anyone read my blog? Next thing you know you're sending the URL to as many people as you can think of.

Anway, I am pleased to report that I am no longer taking myself so seriously--it's not as if this has to win a Pulitzer prize, for God's sake! It's just a journal.

Next, I may even hand out the URL to my family (gasp!)

(And: yes I realize that Carolina almost lost-- to Clemson-- today. But they didn't. And that's all that needs to be said.)

(And: I am sick. I knew that when I typed #74 in my 100 things list, the powers that be were giggling in anticipation of kicking my ass. So here I am, sick, and kicked in the ass.)

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Psycho Kitty said...

Ah, welcome to the dark side! :)