Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Coffee Bean

Do you have The Coffe Bean and Tea Leaf where you live? I don't know if it is national or not and I'm way to lazy to look it up right now. It's a coffee shop, and in LA, there are hundreds of them. Supposedly, they are much cooler than Starbucks. But I will tell you this: the people who work at this fine store, no matter which store you frequent, these people are not quick. And I mean that in all senses of the word.

Now I know that making a fine espresso drink can take some time, but come on, people! Twenty minutes? To make 3 drinks? What the hell is going on back there?

How's that for a random post?

I can't wait until my Starbucks re-opens.


JuJubee said...

Wanted to email, but no addy! Thanks for your comment...hubby works in athletics at a university,(we are in the MAC tournament tomorrow night) so our March Madness is quite literal! If we lose tomorrow night our lives will go back to normal...I pray we lose.

Tyzilee said...

Interesting site.. I like it. Could you check out mine and let me know what you think? We are trying a new demographic..promise not to be offended?

Check out ashabousha.blogspot.com now with 200% more killer monkeys, text message fracas, and random thoughts and lies worth pitching a fit over!!!!

Piece of Work said...

Yes, well I'm not very "savvyy" when it comes to this blogging stuff. Will attempt to get it up there . ..
I am a huge March Madness fan, but I understand your pain. My husband probably would love to commiserate with you.

Amanda said...

I love me some chai latte! I have never had coffee form Coffee Bean and Tea leaf.