Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I hate Blogger today!

Arggle. Finally I feel like blogging again and just getting into Blogger is trying my patience.

So I will just say this: I am here. I am depressed (probably due to all those nasty hormones since I just got my first post partum period). I am tired. Both kids have colds again. Vivian also has some stomach bug and is either vomiting or shitting all over the house at all times. Isaac was up at 4:45 this morning. For good. Vivian still has horrible horrible horrible excema all over her face. Did I say I was tired? I haven't showered in two (or more?) days and what little hair I have left is so greasy it is leaving stains on my shirt collars. Wahhhh!

The good news? My mother is coming to town to visit starting tomorrow night. Hooray! The sun is finally out and it's a beautiful day. (Though we can't go to the park to enjoy it since both kids are sick--oh,wait, this was supposed to be good news. Sorry.) The Tar Heels are in the Final Four.

I think I need a mantra, and I just found it: The Tar Heels are in the Final Four. The Tar Heels are in the Final Four. The Tar Heels are in the Final Four.

Hope this week is finding all of you in much better spirits!

And, thank you, Trisha, for asking about me.


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