Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Stalling Technique

It is 2:18pm here in the West Coast, which means it is one hour and 18 minutes since I put the children down to nap. Isaac has been alternately crying, laughing, singing his ABCs and throwing his blankets into his sister's crib for that amount of time. By some miracle, despite the deafening noise and attack of flying blankets, after about 10 minutes, Vivian was able to fall asleep--until about 5 minutes ago, when I heard her awake.

When I went in to see what was up, Isaac greeted me with "Open the shade! Open the shade! Isaac want to git up!" I could smell poop, so I peeked in his diaper to see if he was the culprit--no. "Poop! Poop!" he said. "Isaac need fresh diper! Isaac git up! Need fresh diper!"

Instead I grabbed Vivi and set about changing her very stinky diaper. Suddenly Isaac growled with all his might. I look over and he is turning red in the face, obviously trying as hard as he can to push one out so that I will free him from his crib.

I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

But I didn't get him out. And he is still in there, talking loudly, Vivian now babbling along with him.

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