Thursday, March 10, 2005

March Madness

So the time is here, folks. Time for my annual insanity to arrive in the form of brackets, Dick Vitale, and Carolina Blue. I have received my first email correspondance from the "humble poolkeeper" and league championships have begun. Hooray!

My absolute favorite weekend of the year (I think this even beats Christmas) is the first weekend of the NCAA men's basketball championship. This is the weekend of the 2nd round, where you can literally watch basketball for 8 straight hours, both days. And it's really good basketball too. Usually 3 or 4 buzzer beaters, definitely some Cinderellas, and the occasional ass-whupin'. Someone we've never heard of will play the game of his life, a well-respected coach will get kicked out of a game, maybe a really good player will break his nose. Oh, the drama!! I plan to be on the couch with Tivo in hand (to replay all the great shots, of course) for the entire weekend.

I've decided to watch the tournament games live. I just can't live by my TiVo rule (although that did work out well for the Dook game) where the tournament is concerned. While I may be covering my eyes if the Heels are not playing particularly well, I do intend to be in the room, with the television on, while they are playing. They better play well this year. For the sake of my children, fellas, please play well.

I am not a sports fanatic. I like sports, yes. I will watch the occasional NBA of NFL game happily. And baseball is fun, if it's live. But I don't go too crazy.

Unless it is March. Or anytime from November to March and the University of North Carolina men's basketball team is playing.

Here it is, March. And guess who's playing today?


Also: Rashad McCants was cleared for practice a few days ago. Yippppeee!

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